Welcome to Surabaya

This city fairly describes the prominence of East Java Province. Aside from being the capital of the province, Surabaya is also the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. With population over 3.1 million people, Surabaya has evolved into a metropolitan city and center of commerce, industry and education due to vast diversity among its people,  cultures and religions.

Based on its historical background, Surabaya was built from several eras beginning as early as Pre-Dutch colonialism. Surabaya was once known as the Gate to Majapahit Empire which had been located at the edge of kali Mas. Surabaya was setled on May 31, 1293 when Majapahit forces led by Raden Wljaya daimed victory over the Mongolian forces of Kublai Khan's envoy.

Surabaya is locally believed to derive its name from the words'sura• (shark) and' boyo (crocodrel), two creatures whrchin  a local myth, fought to claim the title of" the strongest and most powerful animal' in the area. Another source suggested to a 12th century Jayabaya prophecy where he fore seena fight between a giant white shark against a giant white crocodile In the area whichIs sometimes Interpreted asthecon Rict between the Mongolian and Majapahit forces at that time.

The next era was from Dutch East Indies per od when Surabaya had the status as Capital Residency which territory Includes the Regency of Gresik, Sldoarjo, Mojokerto and Jombang. ln 1905, Surabaya was granted the status of Municipality (Gemeente) and later on as provincial capital of East Java in 1926 where it became the second largest city in Dutch East indies alter Batavia.

The majority of ethnic population in Surabaya is Javanese, Madura, Chinese and Is also enriched by various expatriates to the city. As a metropolitan city, Surabaya is the center of economic activities In East Java and surrounding area and hence, also a popular shopping destination. In addition to shopping, tourist destinations in the city Include historical and cukurai sites such as MonkaseiI Submar M Monument), Surabaya Heroes Monument, Sungkul Park, Ampei, Kayoon Street and many more.


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